Figure 1.

Chicken NOGO/RTN4 gene structure and transcripts. A) Gallus gallus NOGO/RTN4 gene localizes to chromosome 3 and produces four major transcription products. Isoforms are based on alternative splicing (NOGO-A and B) or promoter usage (NOGO-C). The predicted NOGO-A1 sequence is based on contig 96.95 (ensembl Gallus gallus genome) and is supported by our transcript size from northern analysis. NOGO-A2 results from alternative splicing in exon 1. NOGO-B is predicted based on transcript size from northern analysis and data from other species, while NOGO-C was previously isolated [20]. B) Northern analysis of NOGO/RTN4. NOGO-A specific probe identified two NOGO-A isoforms (A1, A2). Both isoforms increased with developmental age, the shorter form at slightly greater expression levels overall. A NOGO probe common to all isoforms (A, B, & C) confirmed progressive NOGO-A expression throughout development. Densitometry readings (graphs on the right) were normalized to β-ACTIN.

Caltharp et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2007 7:32   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-7-32
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