Figure 7.

αPS3 Integrin interacts with mutations in genes for adhesion and adhesion signaling. Cardioblast position at stage 17 is visualised for embryos zygotically and maternally heterozygous for both scb2 and zygotically heterozygous for an interacting gene. Embryos haplosufficient for scb have normal heart assembly (A). If additionally heterozygous for the gene for βPS1 Integrin (mys1), the continuity (asterisks) and alignment (arrows) of the CBs is disrupted (B). A similar phenotype is seen in embryos also heterozygous for collagen IV (vkg[p1003-8], C), whereas mutation in two Laminin chains (LanA 9-32, D and Lamininα2, or wbSF11, E) affect CB alignment, but without effect on continuity. Genetic interactions are revealed with a haplosufficiency in adhesion second messengers associated with Integrin, such as Talin (rhea1, F) and ILK (G), as well with second messengers associated with guidance signaling, such as Disabled (dabM54-R1, H). CBs labeled with the B2-3-20 enhancer trap. Anterior at top

Vanderploeg et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2012 12:8   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-12-8
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