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Autophagic activity is reduced in ATG-RNAi treated cells. LTR staining of FLP-out/GAL4 induced fat body and FC clones expressing ATG-RNAi. (A, A’) Under well-fed conditions, LTR staining is ubiquitously distributed in wild type (WT) cells and cells expressing control lacZ-RNAi (marked with GFP). (B, B’) Under starvation, control lacZ-RNAi expressing cells accumulate LTR positive dots as in surrounding WT cells. (C-F’) Expression of ATG1-RNAi (cells marked with GFP) inhibits the formation of LTR positive dots compared to surrounding WT cells (C, C’). The same is seen for ATG4-RNAi (D, D’), ATG5-RNAi (E, E’) and ATG8-RNAi (F, F’). Expression of ATG-RNAi equally inhibits LTR dot formation in FCs using ATG1-RNAi (G, G’) or ATG8-RNAi (H, H’). Scale Bar: 50 μm (A-F), 25 μm (G-H). Genotypes: A, B: hs flp/UAS>lacZRNAi;;act>CD2>GAL4 UAS>GFPnls/+, C, G: hs flp/+;UAS>ATG1RNAi/+;act>CD2>GAL4 UAS>GFPnls/+, D: hs flp/+;UAS>ATG4RNAi/+;act>CD2>GAL4 UAS>GFPnls/+, E: hs flp/UAS>ATG5RNAi;;act>CD2>GAL4 UAS>GFPnls/+, F, H: hs flp/+;UAS>ATG8RNAi/+;act>CD2>GAL4 UAS>GFPnls/+.

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Barth et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2012 12:35   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-12-35