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Survival and morphological appearance of zebrafish embryo injected with C-terminally truncated ΔNp53(Δ302-374) mRNA. (A) Triplicate dishes of 30 embryos each were injected with mRNA encoding GFP (control), ΔNp53 mRNA or ΔNp53(Δ302-374) mRNA lacking the dimerization domain. Survival was determined by the presence of a heartbeat was assessed over 7 days. (B) Upper panel: representative images of zebrafish embryos at 24 hpf. Lower panel: representative images of single embryos at 48 hpf. Bar (lower panel) = 0.5 mm. (C) Injection of ΔNp53(Δ302-374) mRNA did not affect steady-state p21 message levels (grey bar). This is in contrast to dimerization-competent ΔNp53 mRNA containing C-terminal sequences corresponding to the p53 α isoform used as a positive control (black bar).

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Davidson et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2010 10:102   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-102