Figure 5.

Cellular expression of selected miRNAs. ISH was performed on porcine CE-RSC neurospheres, and P4 and adult mouse retinas. Some neurosphere cells are naturally pigmented (dark brown). A: No positive signal was detected for miR-124 in CE-RSC neurospheres. B: Expression of miR-124 at P4 corresponded to the location of amacrine (arrows) and ganglion cells (arrowheads). C: In the adult retina, miR-124 was expressed in all layers with the highest intensity in the photoreceptor inner segments (arrows) and cells in the INL (arrowheads). D: miR-125b-5p was detected in the RSC neurospheres (purple staining depicted with arrowheads). E: In the P4 retina strong expression of miR-125b-5p was found in the inner portion of the NBL (arrows) and GCL (arrowheads). F: In the adult retina expression of miR-125b was detected in the ONL (arrows) and INL (arrowheads). G: Weak hybridisation signal for miR-34a was observed in CE-RSC neurosphere cells (arrowheads). H: P4 retina displayed week miR-34a signal throughout NBL (arrows) and ganglion (arrowheads) I: In the adult retina the strongest signal for miR-34a was observed in the INL (arrows) and in some cells in the GCL (arrowheads). J: Strong hybridisation signal was detected for miR-128 in the CE-RSC neurospheres (arrowheads). K: In the P4 retina a hybridisation signal for miR-128 was observed in the inner portion of the NBL (arrows) and in some cells of the GCL (arrowheads). L: In the adult retina strongest miR-128 hybridisation signal was detected in the INL (arrowheads), the outer portion of the outer plexiform layer and photoreceptor inner segments (arrows). ISH with scrambled negative control gave no signal in CE-RSCs (M), P4 (N), or adult mouse retina (O). NBL-neuroblast layer, GCL-ganglion cell layer, INL-inner nuclear layer, ONL-outer nuclear layer. Scale bars 50 μm.

Arora et al. BMC Developmental Biology 2010 10:1   doi:10.1186/1471-213X-10-1
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