Figure 1.

Expression of Tat and its colocalization with fibrillarin in Drosophila nurse cell nucleoli from Tat transgenic strain after heat shock treatment. Protein extract from Tat transgenic strain at different time-points, up to six hours after heat shock were analysed by western blot (A). Control (WG six hours after treatment) and recombinant Tat are shown. Expression of HSP70 protein in Tat transgenic flies, at different times after heat-shock treatment (+) is shown in B, as well as levels of HSP70, in flies not subjected to heat-shock (-). α-tubulin is shown as the control in both panels. Confocal images (C) from Drosophila nurse cells double labelled with anti-fibrillarin (green), and anti-Tat (red); merged image reveals the colocalization of Tat with fibrillarin in the nurse cell nucleoli after heat shock treatment.

Ponti et al. BMC Cell Biology 2008 9:32   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-9-32
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