Figure 4.

Trafficking and endocytosis defect of proteins in MCOLN1 RNAi clones. A) Confocal images of RAW264.7, LS9, and LS10 cells whose terminal compartments were pre-loaded with BSA-AlexaFluor 594 (BSA-AF 594, red). BSA-AlexaFluor 488 (BSA-AF 488, green) was added for 10 minutes to the cells and the cells were chased for the indicated times before fixation. Bar is 5 μm. B) Western blots of HEL that was endocytosed for 5 minutes and chased for the indicated times. C) Quantitation of the HEL that remains in cells relative to the 0 time point. Bars represent standard deviations from two independent assays.

Thompson et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-54
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