Figure 3.

MCOLN1 RNAi clones. A) Northern blot done on 15 μg of total RNA isolated from RAW264.7, LS9, or LS10 cells. The same filter was probed for MCOLN1, stripped, and re-probed for GAPDH, stripped again and re-probed for MCOLN2. B) Confocal images of RAW264.7, LS9, and LS10 cells stained with Acridine Orange (AO). Bar is 6 μm. C) Quantitation of the intensity of staining of AO-stained compartments and of dextran-Oregon Green (OG)-stained compartments. Bars represent standard deviations. D) Confocal images of RAW264.7, LS9, and LS10 cells whose terminal compartments were pre-loaded with Dextran-Cascade Blue (DEX-CB, red). BSA-Bodipy LacCer (B-LACCER, green) was added for 30 minutes and chased for the indicated times before fixation. Arrows indicate co-localization of the two markers. Bar is 5 μm.

Thompson et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-54
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