Figure 6.

Transformants expressing filaminΔ1 show increased accuracy of phototaxis in response to increased expression levels. (A) The expression level of mutant filamin protein in several transformants was quantitated and normalised against wild type levels. As the level of filaminΔ1 expression increased, so too did the accuracy of phototaxis. Transformants expressing any of the other mutant filamin protein (filaminΔ3 used as an example in this figure) did not show this correlation increased expression had no effect on the accuracy of phototaxis. Vertical bars represent 90% confidence limits. (B) Western blot detecting filamin in wild type (AX2), and filaminΔ1 in two transformants HPF622 and HPF623. The amount of filamin protein detected was normalised against AX2 expression so that the level of filamin expressed in AX2 was 1. The level of filaminΔ1 expressed in HPF622 was 3.3 and these cells showed a relatively low accuracy of phototaxis whereas HPF623 cells expressed filaminΔ1 at 9.9 and showed a higher degree of accuracy of phototaxis.

Annesley et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:48   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-48
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