Figure 6.

Distribution of Escapades and Karmellae upon Karyogamy. Escapades and karmellae remain with the nucleus of their origin upon fusion with nuclei which express Htb2p-mRFP.
: A strain which allows induction of GFP-Esc1p (ATY1550) was crossed with a strain expressing mRFP-tagged histone Htb2p (ATY2835).
: ATY1650, which carries a galactose-inducible plasmid allowing induction of Hmg1p-Co A Reductase-GFP and expresses a mRFP-tagged form of the SPB-protein, Spc42p (arrow), was crossed with ATY2835. Upon nuclear fusion, the red histone signal gradually invades the trans nucleus, but neither the escapades (e) nor karmellae (k) changes its location over at least 20 min. ATY1550 and ATY1650 were pre-grown overnight in galactose medium. For both time series, note that mRFP-tagged chromatin is absent from the regions immediately underlying the escapades or karmellae. These volumes are occupied by the nucleoli. Also, note the infusion of GFP-Esc1p into the trans nucleus upon karyogamy, indicative of facile diffusion.

Hattier et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:47   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-47
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