Figure 2.

RNAi treatments do not affect Q82:GFP solubility or overall levels. The solubility and amount of Q82:GFP proteins were tested after RNAi treatment. A) Levels of Q82:GFP protein were analyzed with western blots using an antibody to GFP. The antibody detects GFP in transgenic strains but not in the wild type, N2, strain. The total levels of GFP (both bands of the doublet) were quantified using densitometry and adjusted based on the relative levels of actin as ascertained by reprobing the blot with anti-actin. The relative levels of GFP based on that analysis are given at the bottom. B) Worms were assessed for changes in Q82:GFP solubility after RNAi treatment for 24 hours. All worms, including the control, have a low level of soluble GFP that is apparent. Aggregates appear as bright green foci. No obvious differences in solubility are apparent between RNAi treatment and the control. The Q19:GFP strain is used to show the distribution of soluble GFP protein.

Howard et al. BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:32   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-32
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