Figure 2.

Correlation between the maximal Ca2+ mobilization and DMR responses induced by PAR agonists. (a) The DMR signals induced by PAR agonists: TFRGAP (20 μM), GYPGQV (20 μM), SLIGRL-amide (20 μM), SLIGKV-amide (20 μM), thrombin (40 unit/ml), SFLLR-amide (20 μM), trypsin (1024 nM), SFLLR-amide+SLIGRL-amide (each at 20 μM). (b) Comparison of the maximal DMR and Ca2+ mobilization responses induced by different PAR agonists. The DMR response was calculated using the amplitude of the P-DMR event. Since trypsin at doses greater than ~1000 nM led to significant cell detachment (ref. 16), the DMR signal induced by trypsin at 1024 nM was used as its maximal response.

Fang and Ferrie BMC Cell Biology 2007 8:24   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-8-24
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