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Alignment of full-length chordate talin protein sequences. A. Chordate talin sequence alignment. Talin1 and Talin2 from human (Hs, Homo sapiens), chicken (Gg, Gallus gallus), pufferfish (Tn, Tetraodon nigroviridis), and Ciona intestinalis (Ci Tn-a/b) were aligned using CLUSTAL W. The T. nigroviridis sequences are from the Genoscope database [39] and have been annotated manually. The G. gallus Talin2 sequence was compiled manually from the current version of the chicken genome (GenBank). The gap at position 1789–1830 corresponds to exon 40 of the human Talin1/2 sequences and may represent an unsequenced region of the chicken genome, or chicken Talin2 may lack this exon altogether. The insertion at position 12–13 shows that C. intestinalis talin is orthologous to vertebrate Talin2. The I/LWEQ module begins at position 2345 of human Talin1 (ILEAAK). The alternative splice variants of C. intestinalis Talin-a and Talin-b are shown in red. Sequence identity (*); sequence similarity (:). An unrooted tree based on this alignment is shown in Fig. 1. B. Identity/similarity matrix of chordate talins. Percent sequence identity is shown below the diagonal; percent sequence similarity is shown above the diagonal. Matrix values were calculated using MacBoxShade.

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Singiser and McCann BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:40   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-40