Figure 2.

Dominant inhibitory AKT and cyclin D1 expression: (A) A plasmid expressing dominant inhibitory AKT was microinjected into NIH3T3 cells at the left of the area shown. The cells were incubated 8 hrs, fixed and stained with a fluorescent antibody stain against cyclin D1 (top), AKT (middle), or with DAPI to stain DNA (bottom). The same area of cells is shown in each frame. (B) NIH3T3 cells were injected with the inhibitory AKT plasmid 24 hrs prior to fixation and staining as above. Injected and uninjected cells were identified by staining for AKT, and cells were divided into cell cycle phase according to BrdU labeling and DNA content. The average cyclin D1 levels are shown for each group of cells.

Yang et al. BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:33   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-33
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