Figure 4.

Wnt-stimulated accumulation of β-catenin is dependent upon dynamin activity. β-catenin levels were measured by immunostaining in L cells incubated in the presence (c, d, g, h, k and l) or absence (a, b, e, f, i and j) of Wnt-3A (~100 ng/mL) for 3 hours. L cells were transfected with either GFP alone (a-d) or GFP in combination with wild-type dynamin (e-h) or K44E-mutated dynamin (i-l). Arrows indicate transfected cells and arrow-heads indicate neighboring non-transfected cells. (m) Quantitation of immunofluorescence results from (a-l), expressed as the percentage of GFP-positive cells which are positive for β-catenin staining. (n) Quantitation of immunostaining experiments measuring Wg-stimulated (data not shown) accumulation of β-catenin in L cells transfected with the same constructs as in (a-l). In (m) and (n), values represent means ± SEM from 3 independent determinations in which approximately 30–70 cells were examined per condition.

Blitzer and Nusse BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:28   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-28
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