Figure 3.

Single and aggregate cell fractions. A, B: Number of aggregates in live cells, which were sorted according to their FS profile (A) and SS profile (B). A: Fifty gates in the FSarea-FSheight profile (left). Particles in each cross-section of gates a-c and gates 1–5 in the FSarea-FSheight profile were sorted. Then, the nuclei per particle were counted, and the number of cell aggregates per twenty-seven particles is shown (right). B: Eleven gates in the SSarea-SSheight profile (left), and the number of aggregates per twenty-seven particles (right). C: FSarea-FSheight (left), SSarea-SSheight (middle), and PI (right) profiles of the ethanol-fixed cells. The green and red dots shown in the SSarea-SSheight profile are the cells within the gate g and r shown in the FSarea-FSheight profile, respectively. Traces g, r and b in the PI profile correspond to gates g, r and b in the FSarea-FSheight profile, respectively. The numbers represent the percentage of cells in regions 1–4.

Ohnuma et al. BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-25
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