Figure 6.

Effect of PAR-2 agonist peptides tc-LIGRLO-NH2 and SLIGKV-NH2 and their reverse peptides, tc-OLRGIL and VKGILS-NH2 on IL-8 release from A549 cells. Cells were incubated with various concentrations of tc-LIGRLO-NH2 (open triangle), tc-OLRGIL (open reverse triangle), SLIGKV-NH2 (open circle) or VKGILS-NH2 (open square) at 37°C for (A) 2 h, (B) 8 h and (C) 16 h. Values shown are Mean ± SE for five separate experiments performed in duplicate. *P < 0.05 compared with the response to medium alone control; P < 0.05 compared with the response to the corresponding reverse peptide at the same concentration.

Wang et al. BMC Cell Biology 2006 7:22   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-7-22
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