Figure 1.

Wild-type embryos removed from 12 hours of anoxia have a reduced rate of mitotic progression in comparison to wild-type embryos exposed to normoxic environments. Mitotic progression in blastomeres of wild-type embryos exposed to normoxia (black bar), 6 hours of anoxia (white bar) and 12 hours of anoxia (grey bar) was assayed using a histone2B::GFP strain and DIC microscopy. The embryos exposed to anoxia were allowed to recover in air for 15 minutes before analysis. The average time to condense chromosomes (prophase), move condensed chromosomes to the metaphase plate (prometaphase), align chromosomes along the metaphase plate (metaphase), and segregate chromosomes (anaphase) was determined for 10 embryos for each condition. Error bar equals standard deviation. For the 12 hour anoxia exposure data p < .001 when compared to normoxic control. For the 6 hour anoxia exposure data p < .002 for prophase only and data was not significantly different in comparison to normoxia for the other mitotic stages. Error bars represent standard deviation.

Hajeri et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:47   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-47
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