Figure 6.

Dsh is recruited to the plasma membrane and actin filaments in response to Eps8 expression. Distribution of Dsh-GFP (A,B,D, green in F), actin (C), Eps8-myc (E,G, red in F), Abi1-GFP (H), and Dsh-flag (I) in Xenopus animal cap cells. (A) Localization of Dsh-GFP in control animal caps. (B,C) In response to Eps8 expression, Dsh is recruited to the membrane and cell-cell junctions in superficial epithelial cells where it co-localizes with actin (arrows). (D-F) In deep cells facing the blastocoel, Eps8 induced the recruitment of Dsh to cytoplasmic actin cables and the cell cortex where Dsh co-localized with Eps8 (co-localization appears yellow). (G-I) Co-localization of Eps8, Abi1, and Dsh in animal caps cells (arrows mark site of co-localization). Scale bars are equal to 10 μm.

Roffers-Agarwal et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:36   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-36
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