Figure 6.

Mutational analysis. Besides the recombinant GFP-chimeras of the entire CB zymogene (top panel) and the splicing variant Δ51CB (#0), the mutated artificial CB-constructs used in this study (below) and their intracellular localization in LCLC-103H cells (right) are compiled. The active site amino acids in the FLM sequence are indicated by red asterisks. Deleted regions are represented by lines connecting the expressed regions (bars). The N-terminal fluorescent protein tags are displayed in a spliced way. HC: heavy chain; LC: light chain; Δ: deletion; *: site of amino acid exchange; Np: nucleoplasm; Mi: mitochondria; Mb: midbody; CG: cytoplasmic granules; NG: nuclear granules.

Bestvater et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:16   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-16
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