Figure 5.

Cellular localisation of Scar3. C2C12 cells were stained with anti-Scar/WAVE3, anti-Arp3, anti-Abi1 and fluorescently labelled phalloidin to investigate the cellular localisation of endogenous proteins. (A) C2C12 cells stained with (i) anti-Scar/WAVE3 (green), (ii) phalloidin (red) (iii) reveal co-localisation of Scar/WAVE3 with cortical polymerised actin in membrane ruffles. Scar/WAVE3 also colocalises with other areas enriched in polymerised actin, but not stress fibres. (B) Co-staining with (i) anti-Scar/WAVE3 and (ii) anti-Arp3 reveals co-localisation of Scar/WAVE3 (green) with the Arp2/3 complex (red) at protruding areas of the cell membrane. (C) Cells stained with (i) anti-Scar/WAVE3 and (ii) anti-Abi1. (iii) Scar/WAVE3 (green) co-localises with Abi1 (red) in some areas of membrane protrusion. A (i), B (i), and C (i) all show a cytoplasmic and perinuclear and cytoplasmic pool of Scar/WAVE3, with enrichment at areas of lamellipodial protrusion. B (ii) and C (ii) show similar patterns of staining for Arp3 and Abi1. Scale bars are equal to 20 μm in all pictures.

Stovold et al. BMC Cell Biology 2005 6:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-6-11
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