Figure 3.

The synergy between Wg and DFz2 requires the CRD domain, but not the carboxyterminus of DFz2. (A) Diagram of the full-length DFz2 and its truncation constructs with deleted CRD domain or carboxyterminus. (B) S2 cells were transfected with indicated expression plasmids. Fold activation values were measured relative to the levels of luciferase activity in cells transfected with empty vectors and normalized by Renilla luciferase activities. These values are plotted as a log function. Averages of the fold activation are indicated above each column. All experiments were done in triplicate; error bars represent standard deviations.

Schweizer and Varmus BMC Cell Biology 2003 4:4   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-4-4
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