Figure 6.

Effects of Rab24 wt and Rab24(D123I) on nuclear translocation of glucocorticoid receptor. (A) 3T3 cells expressing GR-GFP with mycRab24wt show predominant cytoplasmic localization of both proteins in the absence of Dex (left panels). After 10 min incubation with 1 μM Dex, most of the GC-GFP is within the nucleus in cells expressing Rab24wt (center panels). When GR-GFP was co-expressed with mycRab24(D123I) in the absence of steroid, much of the GR-GFP was localized to inclusion bodies containing the Rab24 mutant (right panel). Identical results were observed when 1 μM Dex was added (not shown). (B). Higher magnification shows extensive co-localization of myc-Rab24(D123I) (red) with GR-GFP (green) in nuclear inclusion bodies. The bar represents 10 microns.

Maltese et al. BMC Cell Biology 2002 3:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-3-25
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