Table 1

Effect of PMA on the oxidative activity and pH of total lysosomes

Oxidative activitya (gray level/pixel area)



82.1 ± 14.4 (100%)

4.37 ± 0.05


123.9 ± 20.3 (150%)

4.70 ± 0.21

a. Total lysosomal population was first labeled with Cascade Blue-conjugated dextran (10 K) and OxyBURST Green H2HFF BSA. The fluorescent intensities of oxidized OxyBURST in lysosomes of both control and PMA-treated cells were then measured as described. b. Lysosomal pH was measured using fluorescein-dextran in a dual-excitation ratiometric mode as described in Materials and method section.

Chen BMC Cell Biology 2002 3:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-3-21

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