Table 2

Search results from a range of antibody search engines
Antibody search engine CD4 for flow cytometry GAPDH for Western blotting STMN3
1DegreeBio ( webcite) BioLegend (100405) Abcam (ab9485) Atlas Antibodies (HPA012947)
Antibody Directory ( webcite) Cell Sciences (MON2067) LabFrontier Life Science Institute (LF-PA0006) None
Antibody Registry ( webcite) GeneTex (GTX21089) MBL International (JM-3777-100) LifeSpan BioSciences (LS-C39280-50)
Antibody Resource ( webcite) SICGEN (AB0091-200) SICGEN (AB0067-200) Abbexa (abx14926)
Antibody Review ( webcite) LifeSpan Biosciences (LS-C21574) Creative Biomart (CPBT-53909RH) None
Antibodypedia ( webcite) Novus Biologicals (NBP1-19371) Proteintech (10494-1-AP Atlas Antibodies (HPA012947)
Benchwise ( webcite) BD Biosciences (552775) Abcam (ab8245) None
BioBrea ( webcite) BD Biosciences (550280) Abcam (ab8245) Proteintech (11311-1-AP)
Biocompare ( webcite) Antibodies-online (ABIN641732) Antibodies-online (ABIN569034) Biorbyt (orb31054)
CiteAb (http:// webcite) AbD Serotec (MCA1749) Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SC-25778) Proteintech (11311-1-AP)
Labome ( webcite) LifeSpan Biosciences (LS-B3426) Abbiotec (252626) Santa Cruz Biotechnology (SC-85907)
Linscott Directory ( webcite) BACHEM AMERICAS (T-1364.0100) Synaptic Systems (247 002) Proteintech (11311-1-AP)
pAbmAbs (http://www. webcite) None Sigma (G8795) None
Scrazzl ( webcite) Santa Cruz Biotechnology (sc-19642) Abcam (ab83957) Abcam (ab76678)

Three searches were carried out with a range of antibody search engines and the top ranked antibody recorded. The first two searches were for commonly used antibodies (CD4/filter flow cytometry) and (GPDH/filter Western blotting). The third is a less common search (STMN3) which was randomly selected (it was the 100th most common search in CiteAb in the preceding three months). Results from CiteAb are highlighted in bold. Searches were carried out in December 2013.

Helsby et al.

Helsby et al. BMC Cell Biology 2014 15:6   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-15-6

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