Figure 4.

Suppression of ADF or cofilin expression in MTLn3 cells causes changes in F-actin structure. A. Cells were binned into three categories depending on their F-actin organization: normal F-actin, F-actin aggregates (magnified inset), and prominent F-actin (magnified inset) as stained with fluorescent-phalloidin. B. Cells were scored as in (A) and each type as a percentage of the total cells scored is shown. ADF KD cells showed enhanced F-actin aggregates while cofilin KD cells exhibited enhanced prominent F-actin. n ≥ 100 cells in each experiment, three independent experiments. * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001 versus control. Scale bar: 10 μm.

Tahtamouni et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:45   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-45
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