Figure 3.

Basic scheme of MP formation via reverse budding. A. Activated cells release MPs in response to Ca++ agonists. Increased concentration of Ca++ alter the asymmetric PS distribution of the plasma membrane, activate kinases, inhibit phosphatases and activate calpain, which leads to reorganization of cytoskeleton and increased MPs production. B. MP formation during the early stages of apoptosis is associated with GTP-bound Rho proteins, which activate the ROCK-I kinase. This kinase is involved in cortical myosin-II contraction, detachment of the plasma membrane from the cytoskeleton, and release of MPs that have hijacked cytoplasmic components, nucleic acids, and membrane antigens.

Barteneva et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:23   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-23
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