Figure 3.

Qualitative and quantitative differentiation of TwiASCs and WtASCs along osteogenic and adipogenic lineages. A) Image of differentiated TwiASCs and WtASCs. Passage 3 TwiASCs and WtASCs were incubated in adipogenic or osteogenic differentiation media for 21 days and stained, respectively, with Oil Red O and Alizarin Red. For osteogenic differentiation, images were collected at 4× magnification. For adipogenic differentiation, images were obtained at 10× magnification. B) Quantification of osteogenesis and adipogenesis. For the quantitation of osteogenesis, the cells were de-stained with 10% cetylpyridinium chloride after stained with Alizarin Red. For the quantitation of adipogenesis, the cells were de-stained with isopropanol. Optical density (OD) was measured at 584 nm and normalized to protein content. The bar graph represents the ratio of normalized OD of differentiated cells and normalized OD of control cells. # means P< 0.05 vs WtASCs (t-test, n=3).

Zhang et al. BMC Cell Biology 2013 14:20   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-14-20
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