Figure 4.

Effects of p68 phosphorylation on cell apoptosis. (A) HCT116 cells are treated by non-targeting siRNA (NT) or siRNA target p68 (p68). HA-p68, wild type and indicated mutants, are expressed in the p68 knockdown cells. Immunoblot of p68 (IB:p68) indicates the cellular levels of p68 (both endogenous and exogenous). Immunoblot of GAPDH (IB:GAPDH) is a loading control. (B) and (C). Cell apoptosis (B) and viability (C) of the cells in (A) that are treated or untreated with oxaliplatin are measured by a commercial apoptosis kit (B) or MTT assay (C). The cell apoptosis and viability are presented as relative apoptosis and relative viability by defining the apoptosis and viability of the vector expressing cells without oxaliplatin treatment as 1. Error bars represent standard deviations of four independent experiments.

Dey and Liu BMC Cell Biology 2012 13:27   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-13-27
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