Figure 1.

Aggregation profile of Q82::GFP protein in C. elegans. C. elegans larvae expressing a Q82:GFP transgene in a wild type (black diamonds) or in a uba-1 mutant (red squares) were imaged using a microscope with a 10X objective lens at a rate of 1 frame per minute. The sum of the pixel intensity in a square region of the image sequence in which an aggregate formed was measured over time. Plots of individual formation events were aligned along the time axis so that the frame at which the aggregation rate is highest occurs at 60 minutes. For each individual aggregate formation, the fraction of the peak intensity was calculated at each time point. This chart shows the mean (± SEM) fractional aggregate intensity at each time point for a total of 58 aggregate formations in 5 different time-lapse experiments for the Q82 strain in the wild type background and 30 aggregate formations in 3 experiments for the Q82 in the uba-1(ts) background.

Skibinski and Boyd BMC Cell Biology 2012 13:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-13-10
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