Figure 8.

Immunofluorescence of Hydra whole mounts with the anti-JAG-IC antibody. Upper panel left: schematic representation of an adult hydra, the region imaged in lower panel is indicated, upper panel, right: schematic drawing of cells that were imaged including ectodermal epithelial cells, interstitial cells, nematoblasts, nematocytes and nerve cells; positions of confocal sections are boxed in red (A-C) and green (D-F). (A, D) DNA staining of single confocal sections with TO-PRO3, (B, E) anti-JAG-IC staining, (C, F) merged images in false colours: DNA (blue), anti-JAG-IC staining (green); scale bars: 20 μm.

Prexl et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:38   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-38
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