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The effect of heat stress on EU staining. For all experiments, HeLa cells were kept with EU for 6 hours, and EU was labeled with Alexa Fluor488 as described in the Methods section. In the top panels, cells were grown with EU at 37°C for 6 hours and fixed. Panels in the middle show cells that were first heat-shocked for 1 h at 45.5°C, then treated for 6 hours with EU at 37°C and fixed. For the bottom panels, cells were incubated with EU for 6 hours at 37°C, then transferred to medium without EU and stressed for 1 h at 45.5°C. Following heat shock, samples were immediately fixed and processed to visualize EU incorporation. Size bar is 20 μm.

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Kodiha et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:25   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-25