Figure 4.

STC2Tgacinar cells have increased autophagy. (A) Representative Western blot analysis for LC3 I and LC3 II accumulation in wild type (WT) and STC2Tg (Tg) pancreatic extracts revealed increased accumulation of cleaved LC3 II which was (B) quantified by densitometry (n = 3 animals; *p < 0.05). IF for LC3 cellular accumulations in (C) WT and (D) STC2Tg pancreatic sections showed increased autophagic vesicles (arrowhead) in STC2Tg pancreatic tissue. Magnification bar = 10 μm.

Fazio et al. BMC Cell Biology 2011 12:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-12-17
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