Figure 6.

Stat1 binds to a conserved region in the Oct-6 promoter containing predicted GAS and ISRE sites. (A) Alignment of the selected conserved region upstream of the Oct-6 transcription start site (base counts correlate to the murine sequence). Potential GAS (black, bold) and ISRE (grey, bold) motifs are indicated. Position of primers used for the PCR reaction of the ChIP analysis are indicated by arrows. For the two PCRs, short (S) and long (L), the same forward primer was used, the reverse primer for the long PCR (not shown) is located 150 bp further downstream. (B) WT BMMs were treated with IFNβ (500 U/ml), IFNγ (200 U/ml) or were left untreated (Ctrl) for 1 h and 3 h. ChIP for Stat1 (α-Stat1 AB; nonspecific rabbit serum: Ctrl AB) was performed, followed by the two different PCRs for the Oct-6 promoter (Oct-6_S and Oct-6_L), and a PCR for the Irf1 promoter (Irf1) as a control. Representatives of two independent experiments are shown.

Hofmann et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:61   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-61
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