Figure 4.

Neutrophil superoxide anion production and intracellular calcium response induced by WKYMVM or cytochalasin B (cytB). Neutrophils were first incubated at 15°C for 10 min with 5 μg/ml CytB (A and C) or desensitized with 10-7 M WKYMVM (B and D) followed by incubation at 37°C for another 10 minutes. The subsequent production of superoxide anion upon the addition of 10-7 M WKYMVM (A) or 5 μg/ml cytB (B) (indicated by the arrows) was measured by isoluminol amplified CL technique. Abscissa, time of study; ordinates, superoxide production given as given as cpm × 10-6.

The concentrations of intracellular calcium were determined upon stimulation with either cytB (C) or WKYMVM (D). Cells were first loaded with Fura-2 (2 μM) before pre-incubation with WKYMVM (C) or CytB (D) at 15°C. The fluorescence levels corresponding to 1 mM and 1 nM are indicated by the bars. Abscissa, time of study; ordinates, intracellular Ca2+ changes given in arbitrary units. The curves are representative of at least four experiments.

Forsman and Dahlgren BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:52   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-52
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