Figure 1.

Tracking centrioles during cytokinesis. A) Representative images of centriole tracks in live MCF 10A cells are shown at three different time points as obtained with the tracking software Stacks (see Additional file 1 movie 1). i) The images show centriole (green) positioning at three different time points, 30 min, 80 min and 130 min after the onset of telophase. ii) The images are an overlay of centrin1-EGFP (green) and DIC. iii) The images are an overlay of centrin1-EGFP (green), DIC and the tracks of the centrioles for 130 min, from the onset of telophase. Every centriole track is represented by a unique pseudo-color and the tracks are determined by linking the centrioles between time-points. Analysis of the tracks revealed that these centrioles moved as fast as 0.35 μm/min on average (see Table 1). B) Distribution of the mean square displacement (MSDp) of movements of all 4 centrioles in individual cells (therefore 4 values for every cell) of all cell lines. Different gray tones are used to separate individual cells within a cell line. Triangles represent KP-7.7, circles MCF 10A, diamonds HeLa and squares centrin1-EGFP HeLa. The tracks presented in A) is MCF 10A cell 4. Mobility varied greatly between cells within every cell line. KP-7.7 had the most mobile centrioles (Table 1). MSDp of centrioles was compared using linear mixed model, taking cells as random effects.

Jonsdottir et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:34   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-34
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