Figure 4.

PELO interacts with HAX1, EIF3G and SRPX in vivo. A, Total protein from HeLa cells, which are co-transfected with HA-tagged PELO and either Myc-tagged HAX1, EIF3G or SRPX constructs, were precipitated with monoclonal anti-Myc antibodies. The precipitates of co-transfected cells with PELO-HA:Myc-HAX1 (IP1), PELO-HA:Myc-EIF3G (IP2) and PELO-HA:Myc-SRPX (IP3) were probed in immunoblot analysis with polyclonal anti-HA antibodies. IPC, control co-immunoprecipitation (coIP) assay using anti-mouse IgG serum. B-C, In reciprocal coIP experiments, cells lysates from co-transfected HeLa cells were precipitated with either polyclonal anti-HA (B) or anti-PELO antibodies (C). Precipitated proteins (IP) were detected with anti-Myc antibodies. IPC, control coIP experiments using anti-rabbit IgG serum.

Burnicka-Turek et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:28   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-28
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