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NF-κB activation induced by H. pylori depends on a functional TFSS but not on CagA or a putative secreted factor in the supernatant. a) p65-GFP-expressing AGS SIB02 cells were infected with the indicated strains at an MOI of 10, fixed after the indicated time and analyzed by automated microscopy. P1 is the wild type strain, P1ΔcagA does not express the bacterial effector CagA and P1ΔvirB11 does not express VirB11, a protein essential for the function of the TFSS. b) Supernatants (SN) were collected from cells that were either non-infected or infected with the wild type H. pylori at an MOI of 100 for 6 h. After the SN was cleared from remaining bacteria by a passage through a 0.2 μm filter, new AGS SIB02 cells were stimulated either with control medium containing 10 ng/ml TNFα, the SN from the non-infected cells or the SN from the infected cells. Error bars = SD of experiment performed in triplicates.

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Bartfeld et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-21