Figure 1.

Protein structure and expression levels of CP190 deletion mutants. (A) Schematic diagram of CP190 deletion mutants and their genetic complementation phenotypes. The full-length Cp190 is tagged with mRFP (mRFP-CP190). Each CP190 mutant contains a deletion of one of the functional domains. CP190dBTB lacks the BTB domain and is tagged with myc (myc-CP190dBTB) or with GFP (GFP-CP190dBTB, not shown); CP190dZnF lacks all three zinc fingers and is tagged with GFP (GFP-CP190dZnF); CP190ΔM lacks the centrosomal targeting domain (CENT); CP190BTB-D lacks CENT, zinc fingers and the E-rich domain and is tagged with GFP (GFP-CP190BTB-D); CP190BTB has only the BTB domain and is tagged with GFP (GFP-CP190BTB). The CP190dCT(En15) is the predicted protein from the EMS-induced CP190En15 mutant, which lacks two zinc fingers and the E-rich region. The amino acids at the junction of each deletion are indicated. (B-C) Expression of the mutated Cp190 proteins revealed by the anti-CP190 immunoblot (B) or by anti-GFP immunoblots (C). All transgenic lines were crossed into the homozygous CP1903 background. Proteins extracted from about two 3rd instar larvae containing the indicated transgene were loaded per each lane. Similar results were also obtained from pupae 24-48 hours after pupation. Underneath the blots were stripped filters re-probed with the anti-actin antibody as a loading control.

Oliver et al. BMC Cell Biology 2010 11:101   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-11-101
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