Figure 6.

Adhesiveness ability and pattern of expression of adhesion molecules. (A) APM and CPR cells were allowed to attach to FN, LN, Col IV or BSA (control) coated wells. The rate of cell adhesion at 2 h was expressed as the percentage of the total number of cells seeded. The results are representative of three independent experiments. Each value represents the mean ± SD of triplicates. a p < 0.001 APM FN vs APM plastic, and CPR FN vs CPR LN, CPR plastic and CPR BSA. b p < 0.005 APM FN vs APM BSA, and APM LN vs APM plastic. c p < 0.05 APM FN vs APM Col IV, APM LN vs APM BSA, APM LN vs CPR LN, and CPR FN vs CPR Col IV. ANOVA/Bonferroni's tests. (B) Expression of β1-Integrin, E-Cadherin and β-Catenin was analyzed by Western blot and Immunofluorescence as described in Materials and Methods. Representative images are shown.

Labriola et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-49
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