Figure 10.

Targeting of the SLMAP-TA2-4L mutant. The targeting of SLAMP1-TA2 in Cos7 cells can be altered to that of SLMAP1-TA1 by increasing the hydrophobic moment of the trans-membrane helix with 4 substitutions: A10/L, A11/L, T16/L, and A17/L. Wild type GFP-tagged SLMAP1-TA2 was co-transfected with Myc-tagged SLMAP1 TA2 with the 4 substitutions (Myc-TA2-4L) and co-stained with anti-GFP (a) and anti-6Myc antibodies (b) the overlay of the two shows that there is incomplete overlap (c). In Cos7 cells stained with antibodies to TOM20 (d) and transfected with Myc-TA2-4L and stained with anti-6Myc antibodies (e) there are large numbers of mitochondria which do not colocalise with any of the mutant SLMAP (f). Wild type GFP-tagged SLMAP1-TA1 was co-transfected with Myc-TA2-4L and co-stained with anti-GFP (g) and anti-6Myc antibodies (h) when the two images are overlaid there is almost total co-localization (i).

Byers et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:48   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-48
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