Figure 4.

Cell cycle arrest in CSN5 knockdowns is associated with mitotic defects. K562 cells were transiently co-transfected with HKK plasmid together with shVC, shCSN2 or shCSN5 plasmid. HKK positive cells were sorted 24 hours post-transfection and cells re-cultured. (A) Representative images of shCSN2 (left, dark grey line) and shCSN5 (right, dark grey line) cell cycle profiles relative to shVC cells (light grey fill). Pie charts show data as the mean ± s.e.m. of n = 3. * indicates significance with a p value of less than 0.05. (B) Cytospins of shVC and shCSN5 cells were stained by Jenner-Giemsa day 4 post transfection. (C) Cytospins were immunostained for tubulin (FITC) and Hoescht (blue) for visualisation of DNA in shVC and shCSN5 cells day 4 post transfection. All images shown are representative of n = 3 transfections.

Pearce et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:31   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-31
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