Figure 3.

Subcellular localization of EGFP tagged NEDD4L-C2(+) and NEDD4L-C2(-) isoforms in response to ionomycin and Ca2+ treatment. Confocal microscopic images of live A6 cells transiently transfected with EGFP (A, B), EGFP-PKCα-C2 (C, D), EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(-) (E, F), and EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(+) (G, H). Images prior to (A, C, E & G) and 90 seconds after (B, D, F, H) incubation with10 μM ionomycin and 1.97 mM Ca2+. EGFP and EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(-) do not relocalize in response to an intracellular Ca2+ influx. EGFP-PKCα-C2 relocalizes to the plasma membrane. EGFP-NEDD4L-C2(+) mobilizes to numerous small intracellular structures. Scale bars are equivalent to 10 μm.

Garrone et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-26
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