Figure 1.

cep70 and cep131 morphants at 48 h.p.f. cep131 (A, B) and cep70 (C, D) with WT embryos shown at the top (B) and bottom (D) with morphants of varying severity as judged by curvature of the spine. The ectopic third otolith can be easily seen in (A) and (C), is labelled with an arrow and the otic vesicle is magnified in the insets. There is an arrowhead to the hydrocephaly present in the cep70 morphant in (C). To demonstrate morpholino effectiveness, embryos were co-injected with morpholino and an mRNA encoding the morpholino target site spliced in frame to GFP. In these embryos (F, G), expression was greatly reduced compared to embryos not injected with morpholino to another target sequence (E). Very little signal – much of it autofluorescence – could be detected when exposure time was increased to 8" for morphants (F, G) compared to 1/8" for control (E); otherwise panels would be blank. cep70 morphants and corresponding control embryos were treated with PTU hence the lack of pigmentation. Scale bar: 250 μm.

Wilkinson et al. BMC Cell Biology 2009 10:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-10-17
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