Figure 1.

C-moesin-GFP is co-localized with the microfilament cytoskeleton. Fields containing transfected and untransfected cells were imaged after staining with TRITC-phalloidin (a, c) and compared with images obtained by fluorescence of the same group of cells expressing C-moesin-GFP (b, d). The transfected cell in (b) is attached to several other untransfected cells. Its fluorescence pattern matches filopodia and stress fibers, and is identical in distribution to microfilaments stained with TRITC-phalloidin (a). Cells expressing different levels of C-moesin-GFP are seen within the same field (d, 1-4). The distribution of C-moesin-GFP is the same as that of TRITC-phalloidin (c), regardless of level of expression.

Litman et al. BMC Cell Biology 2000 1:1-1   doi:10.1186/1471-2121-1-1
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