Table 3

Semantic features (SGD8 dataset clusters). Top 10 terms of semantic features representing the eleven clusters obtained for the SGD8 dataset. An average semantic feature has been calculated from the characteristic features in each cluster obtained by two-way hierarchical clustering.

A. DNA repair and replication

repair, dna, replic, telomere, checkpoint, pcna, damag, dsb, recombin, mismatch

B. Lipid metabolism

sterol, fatti, lipid, ergosterol, synthetas, synthas, biosynthesi, actin, heat, sphingolipid

C. Response to stress

mitochondri, hsp70, ubiquitin, dna, oxid, chaperon, shock, rad52, heat, camp

D. Transport I

transport, membran, vesicle, golgi, outer, receptor, copii, export, snare, vacuolar

E. Transport II

vacuolar, v-atpas, membran, vacuol, vesicl, transport, golgi, glucose, transloc, cytosol

F. Transport III

transport, uptake, vesicle, vacuolar, vacuole, membran, permeas, nitrogen, ubiquitin, glucos

G. Mitochondria

mitochondria, mitochondri, mitochondrion, inner, ino1, matur, translat, transles, membrane-associ, membran

H. Gene expression (chromatin)

nucleosom, histon, swi, snf, chromatin, remodel, arrai, transcript, silenc, acetyl

I. Cell cycle

spindl, cyclin, kinetochor, checkpoint, anaphase, mitosi, mitot, sister, chromosom, replic

J. mRNA and protein biosynthesis

translat, mrna, ribosom, rna, poli, swi, snf, elong, transcript, atpas

K. Cell morphology response

actin, kinas, wall, phosphoryl, pheromone, mate, phosphates, cytoskeleton, glucose, polar

Chagoyen et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2006 7:41   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-7-41

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