Figure 5.

Correlation graph and scatter plot generated from metabolite data. Selected metabolite data (amino acids, sugars and sugar derivates) from potato tubers expressing a yeast invertase in an inducible manner [33] were mapped onto nodes before a correlation analysis was performed. See legend of Figure 3 for details on the diagrams. Positive and negative correlations are visualized by blue and red edges, respectively. The intensity of the edge depends on the value of Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient. A combination of circular and force-directed layout was performed for better visualization. On the side-panel, a scatter plot is shown for the four metabolites that are marked with the small red squares in the network. Samples are color coded depending on the plant line. In the status bar, information is displayed concerning the correlation edge that is marked with yellow squares in the network (between D-Fructose 6-phosphate and D-Glucose 6-phosphate).

Junker et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2006 7:109   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-7-109
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