Figure 1.

Training Set Wilcoxon p-values by M/Z value. Wilcoxon p-values between normal and cancer members of the training set were calculated for every M/Z value. The Y axis represents negative the Log (base 10) of the p-value. Panel A: The X axis represents M/Z values between 0 and 20,000. Panel B: The X axis represents M/Z values between 0 and 1000. The following control spectra were used for the initial training set: daf-0181 daf-0182 daf-0183 daf-0188 daf-0189 daf-0192 daf-0193 daf-0195 daf-0196 daf-0197 daf-0198 daf-0200 daf-0201 daf-0202 daf-0205 daf-0207 daf-0210 daf-0211 daf-0212 daf-0217 daf-0218 daf-0220 daf-0223 daf-0226 daf-0230 daf-0234 daf-0235 daf-0241 daf-0242 daf-0244 daf-0247 daf-0248 daf-0250 daf-0251 daf-0252 daf-0258 daf-0259 daf-0261 daf-0262 daf-0263 daf-0267 daf-0269 daf-0270 daf-0279 daf-0280 The following cancer spectra were used for the initial training set. daf-0601 daf-0602 daf-0606 daf-0608 daf-0609 daf-0612 daf-0617 daf-0618 daf-0619 daf-0620 daf-0621 daf-0625 daf-0627 daf-0632 daf-0633 daf-0634 daf-0635 daf-0636 daf-0643 daf-0644 daf-0651 daf-0654 daf-0655 daf-0656 daf-0657 daf-0661 daf-0662 daf-0663 daf-0664 daf-0666 daf-0667 daf-0669 daf-0673 daf-0675 daf-0682 daf-0683 daf-0687 daf-0688 daf-0691 daf-0692 daf-0697 daf-0698 daf-0701 daf-0702 daf-0703 daf-0705 daf-0706 daf-0707 daf-0708 daf-0709 daf-0716 daf-0718 daf-0719 daf-0726 daf-0727 daf-0729 daf-0731 daf-0733 daf-0735 daf-0737 daf-0740 daf-0744 daf-0751 daf-0752 daf-0753 daf-0754 daf-0755 daf-0756 daf-0757 daf-0758 daf-0760 daf-0761 daf-0762 daf-0764 daf-0768 daf-0770 daf-0773 daf-0776 daf-0778 daf-0780

Sorace and Zhan BMC Bioinformatics 2003 4:24   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-4-24
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