Table 1

Optional arguments of begin.rctrack
Argument Value Action
rng.init a list with components specifies how random number generation
seed, kind, and normal.kind will be initialized by set.seed
details.file name of Rdata file to store details end.rctrack will save details to this file
archive.folder character string name of end.rctrack will create a directory
the archive directory with name defined by appending a time
stamp to archive.folder
maxsize.archive a numeric with file size in bytes end.rctrack will NOT copy INPUT
files larger than this size to
the archive directory
do.not.archive a vector of character strings files with extensions matching these strings
will NOT be moved to the archive directory
skip.file.calls a vector of character strings a list of high-level file access statements
with function names for which details will NOT be collected
skip.empty.description a logical (TRUE/FALSE) that if TRUE, then no details about file
indicates whether to skip detail access events with empty descriptions
collection for empty file descriptions (no file name) will be collected
rng.trace a logical that indicates if TRUE, begin.rctrack will
whether to collect details embed rctrack.random into each of the
about every random number functions listed in the rng.functions
generation event argument so that a record of every call
to those functions is retained.
rng.functions a vector of character strings with begin.rctrack will embed
the names of functions that rctrack.random into each of these
generate random numbers functions so that their use
is documented in rc.env and
print.trace a logical that indicates Messages will be issued if TRUE
whether to print messages about
detail tracking

Liu and Pounds

Liu and Pounds BMC Bioinformatics 2014 15:138   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-15-138

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