Table 3

In vitro experiment conditions
Experimental Conditions: Drugs Substrate, metabolite, and inhibitor/inducer FDA Drug Interaction Guidance, 2006
Metabolism Enzymes Buffer Salt composition
EDTA concentration
MgCl2 concentration Cytochrome b5 concentration
NADPH source Concentration of exogenous NADPH added isocytrate dehydrogenase + NADP
protein Non-recombinant enzymes Microsomes (human liver microsomes, human intestine microsomes, S9 fraction, cytosol, whole cell lysate, hepatocytes)
Recombinant enzymes Enzyme name mg/mL or uM
Transporters Bi-Directional CHO; Caco-2 cells; HEK-293; Hepa-RG; LLC; LLC-PK1 MDR1 cells; MDCK; MDCK-MDR1 cells; Suspension Hepatocyte
Uptake/efflux tumor cells, cDNA transfected cells, oocytes injected with cRNA of transporters
ATPase membrane vesicles from various tissues or cells expressing P-gp, Reconstituted P-gp
Other factors Pre-incubation time
Incubation time
Quantification methods HPLC/UV, LC/MS/MS, LC/MS, radiographic
Sample size
Data Analysis log-linear regression, plotting; and nonlinear regression

Wu et al.

Wu et al. BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14:35   doi:10.1186/1471-2105-14-35

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